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ZlimLine Transion



ZlimLine Transion

Transion - "Bring the salon home"

The Transion treatment gives you quick and easy results without having to go to the gym. This treatment may not only firm your muscles, but also speed up your metabolism, relieve fluid retention and stimulate your muscles in to the perfect and correct exercise. The major benefit of the Transion treatment is that the user achieves a result in their very first sessions, rather than having to endure many weeks of work outs or waiting with other methods. Conventional exercise and dieting have a nasty habit of making the parts of your body that you were happy with look gaunt. Also perfect exercise is difficult to achieve and can be risky without proper supervision. Transion treatments allow the user to be selective and reduce the exact area chosen.

Benefits of Transion

Transion is used also in medicine, mainly for rehabilitation purposes, e.g.



How it works?

ZlimLine Transion uses small electronic pads to generate sets of faradic and trapezoidal waves to achieve a twisting motion of the muscle bundle. This unique movement, together with the contraction and stretching of the muscle produces a squeezing and wringing-out effect. This resultant effect enables rapid elimination of excess fluids and soluble substances from the treated area. The excess fluids are put into circulation and eliminated in a short period of time, through the normal excretion system of the body. The result is an immediate decrease in size of the treated area.

ZlimLine Transion main unit has various outlets known as channels. Each channel will have a series of wire connections with two rubber pads attached at the end of each channel. A complete pictorial body placement chart is provided. ZlimLine Transion main unit delivers a gentle electronic impulse to your muscles via the soft rubber pads that come with your system. By placing the pair of pads on a particular muscle, your muscle responds to the impulses that are generated by contracting and relaxing rhythmically as instructed by you through the unit. When a muscle contracts as a result of a unique Transion stim signal, the chemical changes taking place within the muscles are similar to those associated with voluntary contraction in "normal exercising". These chemical reactions results from muscle contractions utilizing glycogen, fat and other nutrients stored in the muscle. These resulting series of muscle contractions will enable an individual to build, tone, strengthen, and combat flabbiness and improve contour.

Moreover, the muscular workout activates the metabolic process using up the reserves of the organism. Since muscles need energy to perform movement, it immediately starts to burn the carbohydrates and fats. Due to the physiotherapy nature of exercise induced there is an immediate muscle recovery, with rapid toning up of the area being treated.

Men and women can use the automatic workout of Transion on any muscle groups of the body, for example; upper arms, bust, belly, thighs, back, breasts and hips. A series of treatments are necessary to achieve maximum results.

Just strap it on while you're resting, reading, net surfing or watching TV and watch your body transform right before your eyes. 30 minutes with ZlimLine Transion can compare with 3 hours of real exercise in the gym. All ZlimLine Transion units come complete with an easy to use instructional manual which has various pictorial pad placement charts. However, our consultants are available to answer any of your questions. For further questions or information, please contact us via our Live Support or send us an email.


Do not use Transion if you are pregnant, have epilepsy, seizure disorder or history of seizures, heart disease, heart problems, hypertension, are taking medication for a heart condition or have a pacemaker, metal plates, pins or implants in your body.


ZlimLine™ Transion is manufactured under ISO 13485 and CE Certification.