Zlimline Cavi

Non-surgical liposuction for home use

Zlimline Cavi is designed to reshape and sculpt the body and remove localised stubborn fat or cellulite. Revolutionary ultrasound cavitation treatments leading to gradual reduction in stubborn deposits of fat and unsightly cellulite. Many people see instant reduction of circa 10-15 cm³ from the very first cavitation session. Cavitation procedures are suitable for both women and men.

Cavitation is a non surgical alternative to liposuction

Cavitation is body shaping, sculpting and modelling through application of low frequency ultrasound, which means that cavitation is a non surgical alternative to liposuction. Cavitation is a fatty tissues reduction process that does not leave scarring, does not cause any major discomfort or requires recovery down time. Most of all, cavitation does not require general or local anaesthesia. Zlimline Cavi uses ultrasound frequency of 40 KHz and the sound waves generated by the device penetrate 2,5-8 cm of the fatty layer. During cavitation, low frequency ultrasound waves are transmitted to your fatty tissues through the skin using ultrasonic cavitation handle. The ultrasonic waves penetrate the fatty cells, creating micro bubbles in liquidised fat. The bubbles grow and implode, breaking the fatty cells up. This process only happens in the fatty cells, leaving other tissues, such as nerves, muscles and skin unharmed. Liquefied fat from broken up fatty cells is metabolised to simple free fatty acids and glycerol, which as subsequently eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system or metabolised by the liver and expelled with other waste substances in urine. In addition to breaking up fatty cells and cellulite, ultrasound cavitation also improves blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, metabolism, skin texture and tightens the skin.

Disposal of excess body weight and fat deposits
Skin sensitivity is maintained
Completely painless procedure
No scarring
Long-lasting performance