Zlimline Lipo

Innovative cavitation system

The most effective method in aesthetic medicine, providing an effect similar to that of surgical liposuction! Low-frequency ultrasound waves produced with a special device influence the fat tissue, creating the so-called cavitation effect. Zlimline Lipo² treatment system is designed for use in beauty salons and spas.


Low-frequency ultrasound waves produced with a special device influence the fat tissue, creating the so-called cavitation effect: the formation of microbubbles (Lat. cavitas – emptiness). These bubbles expand, soften the fat tissue and break the membrane of adipocytes, or fat cells. As a result, fat storage reservoirs are disintegrated and it is impossible for fat to accumulate again in these areas. By choosing specific ultrasound parameters, only fat cells are targeted and dissolved. Released triglycerides, the building blocks of fat cells, are removed from the intercellular space by means of natural metabolic processes. Cavitation is a simple and totally painless procedure.


A visible effect is achieved very early into the treatment course: the volume of accumulated fat in problem areas is reduced by 2–5 cm as soon as after the first treatment session. Results become more visible in the weeks to follow. Among other benefits of cavitation are improved blood circulation and stimulation of fibroblasts, improving the elasticity of skin and tightening it. To accelerate and improve the removal of undesired compounds through the lymphatic circulatory system, it is advisable to combine cavitation with massage or moderate physical activity. A treatment course provides an effect comparable with liposuction.

Impact areas

  • Reduced subcutaneous adipose tissue
  • Reduced signs of fibrosis
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Improved blood circulation in the skin
  • Scar treatment after surgical liposuction


  • Reduce cellulite
  • Remove fat deposits from the abdomen, thighs, hips and back
  • Remove the beer belly in men


  • Damaged skin – lesions, erosion or infection – in the treatment area
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Coagulation disorders
  • Diseases of the immune system
  • Hepatitis, renal insufficiency or gallstones
  • Thyroid malfunction
  • Cronic venous insufficiency, phlebitis or thrombophlebitis
  • Heart disease or pacemaker
  • Osteoporosis
  • Asthma
  • Oncological diseases
  • Infectious and inflammatory processes
  • II type diabetes
  • Varicose veins
  • Middle and inner ear damage
  • Metal prostheses near the treatment area

A trained specialist works with an ultrasound head on a targeted area. The length of an ultrasound cavitation treatment session, including preparation for it, is up to 60 minutes. It is not recommended to undergo cavitation sessions more often than once in seven days. A treatment course includes 3–10 sessions. If necessary, supportive therapy is done: 1–3 sessions every six months.

Zlimline Lipo² peforms five different beauty procedures Zlimline Lipo

  • Cavitation
  • RF Lifting for face
  • RF Lifting for body
  • Tripolar Lifting
  • RF Vacuum
  • We offer 2 year guarantee for all devices
  • We provide maintenance for our equipment also after the warranty
  • User manual
  • If necessary, the training in our saloon

Painless, no sedation or anaesthetics required
Aesthetic results are quickly visible
Short duration of the procedure
No rehabilitation required


We are happy to offer you a non-invasive, safe and effective method for reducing cellulite and excessive fat deposits – cavitation. We all know that there are some areas that seem to stay the same despite our all-out efforts. Areas that seem to be immune to exercise or dieting are fat deposits on knees, hips, abdomen and arms. So far, besides various invasive interventions, only procedures altering the structure of the adipose tissue have been available in the field of aesthetics and cosmetology. The only way to remove fat cells from problem areas has traditionally been through surgery, that is, liposuction. However, surgery is an invasive method (includes incisions) plus it involves a recovery period, hospital stay, swelling, wearing compression stockings and waiting for months to see results.

Tripolar Lifting

Miostimulatsioon on impulssvoolude kasutamise protsess lihaste loomuliku töö taastamiseks. Kui elektrivool kulgeb mööda meie kudesid, suureneb vahetusprotsesside intensiivsus, muutub raku valkude füüsiline seisukord ning selle tulemusel hakkavad lihased kokku tõmbuma. Miostimulatsioon ravimeetodina on tuntud enam kui 20 aastat. Algselt kasutati miostimulatsiooni võimlemisena lamavatele haigetele. Impulssvoolude abil võis läbi viia lihaste treeningut aktiivse füüsilise treeninguta. Sama põhimõtte kandsid meedikud lihastele, mida ei saa treenida tavaviisil. Näiteks, näolihastele ning saavutasid üllatavat noorendavat efekti.

RF Lifting for body and face

Vanusega venivad välja kollageenkoed ja pikenevad, mis toob kaasa naha elastsuse vähenemise, lodevuse kasvu ja kortsude tekkimise. Naha pinguldamise kuuri läbiviimise ajal, toimub naha sügav soojenemine ehk niinimetatud Termaaž ning kollageeni ja elastiini uuendamine. Temperatuuri tõus naha sügavates kihtides toob kaasa kollageenkudede tihenemise, mis tagab kudede tugevnemise ja naha elastsuse suurenemise. 2-4 kuud peale RF Liftingu kuuri toimub uue tugevama kollageeni moodustumine, mis toob kaasa pikaajalise positiivse tulemuse mida on võrreldud lausa plastilise operatsiooniga.

RF vacuum

Vaakummassaaž (lümfimassaaž) on efektiivseim ravi tselluliidist ja armkoest vabanemiseks. Antud raviliik annab teie patsiendile siledama ja pringima naha ning aitab nahaaluskudet mõjutades vabaneda toksiinidest ning langetada kaalu.